Invincible - Shapeshifters

Mais uma mina que representa,batidas pesadas e levadas lokas...

1. State of Emergency Intro (prod. Black Milk)
2. Looongawaited (prod. Vaughan T of LABTECHS)
3. Sledgehammer! (prod. 14KT and Haircut of LABTECHS)
4. People Not Places w/ Abeer (prod. Vaughan T of LABTECHS)
5. Spacious Skies (prod. Apex)
6. No Easy Answers (prod. 14KT of LABTECHS)
7. Deuce/Ypsi w/ Buff1, SUN, PL (prod. Djimon and Jayhask, co-producer Belief)
8. Recognize w/ Finale (prod. Black Milk)
9. Ransom Note w/ ANOMOLIES (prod. Belief)Grace Shift interlude featuring Grace Lee Boggs
10. ShapeShifters (prod. Waajeed of bling47)
11. Ropes w/ Tiombe Lockhart (prod. Knowledge)
12. Keep Goin w/ Wordsworth and Indeed (prod. Waajeed of bling47)
13. In The Mourning (prod. Waajeed of bling47)Bonus: Locusts w/ Finale (prod. House Shoes)
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